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STXGLOBAL, LLC also representing Landstar!

Welcome to our STXGLOBAL LLC & Landstar “STX” terminal website. Landstars carrier segment includes Landstar Inway, Landstar Ranger, Landstar Ligon, Landstar Gemini, Express America and a multimodal segment Landstar Logistics. STXGLOBAL LLC and our STX Landstar agency is part of Landstar Inway’s carrier segment connected to all divisions of Landstar.. One call to our office ( 210-805-8828 / 888-805-8828 ) and you get connected to all of Landstar. We have 8,500 + trucks / tractors, and more than 10,000 trailers in our fleet along with over 20,000 approved carriers in our brokerage data base. This basically gives us an unlimited resource of truck and trailering equipment.

Landstar is the third largest trucking company in North America.. We know what equipment we have in your area along with what other truck transportation carriers equipment have in your area also! Many other carriers call and rely on Landstar to keep “their” equipment loaded. Landstar has a safety record second to none in the transportation industry!

With satellite and award winning computer tracking/tracing technology we can locate any type of trucking equipment anywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Landstar’s carrier segment provides truckload (TL) as well as less than truckload (LTL) transportation. Whether you’re a shipper looking for a truck to move your next load or an owner operator looking for a new home to lease on with, we’re here to meet you’re needs 24 – 7, 365

At STXGLOBAL LLC and Landstar we understand shippers needs and what it takes to meet customers every need and for an owner-operator to be successful, having both the tools and the people to help you. Whether you’re a prospective customer wanting freight moved, looking for a TL or LTL freight quote, an owner-operator looking for a new home in a non-forced dispatch trucking environment, or a driver thinking about a change, STXGLOBAL LLC are the folks to talk to! STXGLOBAL LLC and Landstar is where “Safety Comes First!”

STXGLOBAL LLC Landstar’s “STX” Terminal has represented Landstar, one of the nation’s largest transportation services companies since June 1992. STXGLOBAL LLC as Landstar’s “STX” Terminal is a recruiting agent for all of Landstar’s Carrier Groups companies. STXGLOBLAL LLC can service customers nationwide for both flatbed, step deck, over dimensional – “OD” freight, van, reefer/refrigerated vans, double drop removable gooseneck (RGN), and multi axle/stretch heavy haul. Also available are dual drivers, satellite tracking and we’re set up to work with all government & military facilities. All our trucks are able to handle hazardous materials.

Once your important freight is on our truck, it’s never moved until unloading. This greatly reduces the chance for damage to occur vs a break bulk transportation company where your freight is moved from truck to truck at multiple warehouses before final delivery.

We are actively looking to grow our customer base and truck count. Landstar will pay a sign on bonus for quailified trucks leasing on with Landstar!